York Daily Record: Holla Spirits have a new headquarters in York and are shipping vodka directly to your door

As you walk into the new Holla Spirits headquarters, you can see a 50-gallon copper still in the corner – untouched. It serves as a reminder of the distillery’s ambitious start. 

“Bought that thinking we could get into the business and quickly realized we didn’t know what we were doing,” co-founder Patrick Shorb said. 

That was over six years ago. Since then, the distillery has won a number of awards, is producing six different vodkas and has finally landed back home in York. 

Founded by Shorb and Matt Glaser in 2013, Holla Spirits recently relocated its headquarters from Pottstown to West Manchester Township. And while they may not be situated in downtown York, Shorb believes they can finally tell their story properly and assist with York’s transformation. 


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