HowYouHolla Contests

Fan Engagement & Contests:

Periodically, Holla runs contests that requires fans sending us photos of them engaging with the brand.. We then vote internally on who sent the best pic. The winner will then be awarded the prize associated with that contest, along with being recognized on our website and social media platforms as desired. Each contest will be posted to our social media accounts and adhere to the Official Rules found below.

The “best” submission pic is defined as anything we believe looks fun, is creative, takes place in a unique setting, engages multiple fans, showcases a good deed, or whatever else clever you come up with! Our fans are INCREDIBLE and they deserve to be recognized!

Please don’t send us anything inappropriate, illegal, lewd, or dangerous. These photos will be automatically disqualified. See official rules for details. All contestants must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age and provide identification prior to receiving prizes.

See Official Rules

Contact us if you have any suggestions!

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