Frequently Asked Questions

We get a ton of questions surrounding HOLLA vodka that may be answered by exploring our site, but some of the most frequent may be found below:

1. Who would be crazy enough to jump into such a saturated and competitive market?

It’s quite simple – us.

We believe in our exceptional products. We believe in our authenticity. Most importantly, we believe in our fans and their ability to relate.

This all got started as a simple hobby and has evolved into a passion fueled by a desire to provide you something different, fun, and innovative. We were simply tired of being dictated to, and devoted years of research to exposing a lot of flaws in the industry. As a result, HOLLA was designed to be distinguishable from the stale mainstream brands and garden-variety craft vodkas.

Vodka is simple. It’s the easiest spirit to produce and not nearly as difficult as they’d make you believe. It’s extremely versatile and fun to experiment with to create exceptional sipping cocktails. There are thousands of options and nearly 75% of all vodka brands are owned by just 10 global companies.* They can’t relate, so we’ve taken a creative craft approach to making super smooth, fun, and uniting spirits without all the pretension.

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2. Where is your distillery?

For over a year, we investigated operating our own micro-distillery as novices, but ultimately chose to partner with a highly capable distiller to create fantastic HOLLA products. We stumbled upon a world renowned master distiller/blender by chance, and fell in love with her creations. She now manages production of all HOLLA products as our Director of Artisan Spirits at a distillery in Pottstown, PA. With her expertise, we have the ability to provide you a wide variety of exceptional domestic spirits at affordable prices.

We are continually refining our business to serve your needs and expand the product line based on direct input. We hope to open a tasting room some day to share ideas over a cocktail. Future products are sure to be exciting, and we look forward to sharing!

3. What is the standard vodka made from?

HOLLA vodka is distilled from grain, with a high corn content. The spirit presents with an unusually smooth mouthfeel followed by a clean, bright taste that refreshes when enjoyed over ice and mellows perfectly within any cocktail creation. It is fresh and open on the nose; youthfully pure on the front edge, with an intriguingly mature finish.

4. Is the vodka gluten free?

HOLLA vodka is naturally gluten free post distillation.

5. How can we learn more about you?

Come see us! We love it when you show up at our tastings or sponsored events! Follow our social media accounts for these announcements and more!

If you can’t make it out, please explore our press releases, social media accounts, or contact us for more details.

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*(Source: JustDrinks Vodka Insights Edition 2016)

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