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You already knew it, but we just want to confirm it.

Abandon the notion that you need to drop your paycheck for a little bit of excitement and whole lot of vanity. Forget the antiquated idea that “foreign is better.” Our domestic spirits are simply refreshing, premium vodkas. No pretense. No historical references or snobby claims of sophistication. No fake crafting. They are smooth award winning spirits that offer a refreshing twist on a versatile classic that are sure to impress straight up, or blended in your favorite cocktail.

We have a simple mission: to provide an exceedingly fun social experience. After all, isn’t that what we’re searching for when we’re out for the night? So put down your boring cocktail and give us a shot!

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HOLLA-Digging Deeper

It’s simple. Vodka is simple. We created Holla® out of a desire to be different. Tired of being exploited by global liquor companies and boring craft knockoffs, we followed our instinct to develop high quality spirits that defy traditional gimmicks. We discovered that plain vodka is hardly a craft and set out to provide fun, accessible, transparent, and genuinely inclusive spirits to hopefully bring some positivity to your social experiences. It could get a little weird or edgy at times, but it’s time for some youthful creativity in this stale industry!

This started with two friends and has evolved to include thousands of more fans that live, act, think, and drink like us. We don’t care what you drink, as long as you have a great time doing it. We are excited to continue building a portfolio of first class artisanal products, and invite you to join us in this journey! For the latest, please follow our social media accounts @hollaspirits! We love meeting our fans at tastings and events, so keep an eye out for when we host near you!

Sincere thanks!

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