Alcohol consumption comes with a lot of responsibility. The unintended consequences of alcoholic beverages have numerous detrimental impacts on the lives of individuals and communities each day. It’s up to all of us to recognize and combat these problems in a socially responsible manner.

One of HOLLA’s primary intentions is to diminish the role that divisive brands play in the industry, and create a truly uniting spirit. Keeping this in mind, we cannot disregard the negative effects alcohol has on certain portions of the population and must be vigilant for the sake of those that need our assistance.

Some of these things may seem like simple common sense, but a little liquid courage can do a lot of harm. We’ve witnessed it first hand, and stand with others in the industry to reduce the abuse of alcohol.

Please practice safe and responsible drinking:

  • Don’t drink and drive.​ Call a sober friend, use public transportation, or hit up a driver app!​
  • Don’t overindulge. Understand your tolerance for alcohol.
  • Don’t consume alcohol if you are under the legal drinking age of 21.
  • Don’t serve or sell alcohol to minors.
  • ​Don’t vandalize personal or public property.
  • Don’t be verbally or physically abusive.
  • Don’t lie, cheat, or steal.​
  • Don’t leave an overly intoxicated person alone. Seek assistance.
  • ​Don’t forget your morals, ethics, or ​principals​.
  • Do your research. There are numerous online tools to educate you about alcohol responsibility.​

​Yo, this ish is bad for you. Vodka is simply ethanol (fuel) blended with water. The flavored versions include the corresponding added ingredients, but it’s all inherently rough on our bodies. Many of us have quit drinking after being around the stuff for so long, but we recognize that many people still want to share a beverage with their friends. We ask that you do so in a responsible manner and educate yourself to know what you’re getting into. There are many resources found by doing a simple google search, and a few of our favorites may be found below.

​For more information, check out The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility’s website and We​ care about our customers​ and the entire social community​. We want everyone to have fun, please but keep it safe!


​The HOLLA Team​

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