The OG


Modern Distillery Age describes Holla’s OG Vodka at “clean and smooth in the taste with sweetness, grains, and fruitiness. A full vicious body, finished spicy with alcohol warmth.”  We describe it as a damn good time.



Bags may arrive in black or white depending on our mood.

750ML single dimensions = 11.5H x 5"W x 4" D

Note:  A mandatory $5.00 adult signature verification fee is included in your shipping charge.

Includes a FREE 50ML sampler of another Holla® product or swag item of our choosing (a $2.99 value).




OG (Original), OG (Birthday), OG (Camo), OG (Merica), OG (Philly), OG (Pittsburgh), OG (State College), OG (Springtime), OG (Summer), 3 Pack of OG (Original), 5 Pack of OG (Original), OG (York), OG (Lancaster), OG (Pride), OG (Dewey Beach)