PA Eats: The Spirits of Pennsylvania: Holla Spirits


For a spirit that’s the favorite of college kids at parties, or enjoyed with a spritz of club soda at happy hour, vodka sure can have an overly stuffy presentation. You know the bottles, with their cloudy glass, sleek minimalist branding and eye-popping price tags – is it quality they’re selling, or just an over-hyped image of sophistication?

For the founders of York, PA-based Holla Spirits, Patrick Shorb and Matt Glasser, it was a a disgruntled annoyance with the snobbishness and expense of fancy vodka brands that led them to hobby distilling. Their dabbles in making vodka were mostly for fun, until a chance meeting with a world-renowned distiller turned the operation pro. We got the chance to chat with Shorb about this young company’s growth and goals, and discovered why vodka-in-a-bag might just be the wave of the future.

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