Why the name HOLLA?

Why not? We wanted something entirely different. Holla represents the fun, vibrant, and uniting nature of our spirits so consumers instantly recognize our casual and free-spirited style. 

Where is your distillery?

We’ve had a long journey that is best listened to in our podcast series.  We started building this dream with a partner in Philadelphia, moved to Pottstown, and ultimately expanded into a production facility in our hometown of York, PA. We have many partners throughout our home state and remain #PAProud!

Why vodka?

Vodka is all about lifestyle.  We won’t judge whichever one suits you the best and hope that you’ll do your research to learn more about the industry as we did.  NPR boils it down the well in podcast #826.

What is the standard vodka made from?

The OG vodka is distilled from grain, with a high corn content. Our infused vodkas are from distilled organic sugar cane to make them even more unique.

Is the vodka gluten free?

Our vodkas are naturally gluten free post distillation. They’re also non-gmo, kosher, & vegan.

How can we learn more about you?

Come see us! We love it when you show up at our events! Follow our social media accounts for these announcements and more!

What’s the difference between your vodkas and other vodkas?

It’s all about lifestyle with plain vodka.  We price our OG vodka competitively and won’t rip you off with a fancy bottle. We aim to differentiate ourselves with our higher quality ingredients in the flavored vodkas and casual vibes.  

What’s up with the on-the-go pouches?

Our pouches are a friendly alternative to shipping glass direct to your door.  They’re super fun and have tons of other kick ass features:

  • Take them to festivals, tailgates, boating, camping, golfing, and more!
  • Skip the lines at the liquor store
  • Easy to open, carry, clip, and store
  • Fridge-friendly and quick chilling
  • Bonus – they float!
  • Shipping glass is fragile, heavy, and expensive
  • Eco-Friendly:
    • Recyclable in some markets.  80% reduced carbon footprint as compared to glass*
    • Reduced need for plastics, styrofoam, or excessive packaging materials
    • Fuel and energy savings realized with weight reduction
    • We can ship nearly twice as many bags compared to glass – fewer ships and trucks = less emissions
    • Bags are ~1/3 the weight of our traditional glass bottles
    • We are constantly looking for even better packaging to reduce our impact, so feel free to drop us suggestions!
    • Check them out HERE!

Questions? Comments? We love your feedback, so please feel free to Contact Us or email holla@hollaspirits.com



*Based on published manufacturer/supplier audit.