You already knew it, but we just want to confirm it.

Abandon the notion that you need to drop your paycheck for a little bit of excitement and whole lot of vanity. Forget the antiquated idea that “foreign is better.” Our American grain produced spirit is simply a refreshing, original vodka. No pretense. No historical references or extravagant claims of sophistication. No gimmicks. It is a smooth award winning spirit that offers a millennial take on a versatile classic that is sure to impress straight up, or blended in your favorite cocktail.

We have a simple mission: to provide an exceedingly fun social experience. After all, isn’t that what we’re searching for when we’re out for the night? So put down your bougie cocktail and give us a shot. Snap it, pin it, post it, scream it. You know you want to!


Our story is quite simple. We’re two childhood friends that eventually graduated Penn State together and noticed that none of the global liquor companies knew how to relate, so we did it ourselves. After several years of research and dabbling as a hobby, it became clear that we should dedicate more effort to making this spirits company a reality, and jumped in full throttle.

Holla® was created to instill a spirit of camaraderie with like-minded supporters with a refreshing style that is rooted purely in having fun. We’ll put our high quality spirits up against any of the ‘best’ and are excited to continue building a portfolio of first class Holla products. By a stroke of luck, we have built a relationship with a world-class distiller/blender to create our latest spirits.

We fully recognize that this is an uphill battle, but we’re confident that if we can get our products into your hands, you’re going to love them. This wasn’t dreamt up on Madison Avenue, in Paris, or London. It’s built by a generation that has no respect for flawed systems and cares to be altruistic in a new era.

Please explore our site and check back for updates. For the latest, follow our social media accounts @hollaspirits! We love meeting our fans at tastings and events, so keep an eye out for when we host near you!

Sincere thanks!

The Holla Team

Uniting Spirits™ | 40% ABV / 80 Proof | 21+ only.
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